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Who we are

We are a user experience (UX) design consulting company, specialized in UX research and dynamic prototyping. Simply put, we provide efficient and economical solutions to clients from a wide variety of industries. Our job is to ensure that your clients easily use your product; thus, you can reach your goals.

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Why UX Flash?

Useful and usable products make money. Our services can help your business achieve its goals faster and easier than doing it traditionally without UX evaluations.

Our team is young, up to date, and very well-trained. At UX Flash, when we send our experts to work with you, we send a team that will be your right hand. Close collaboration and open communication is the key to fulfill your need and accomplish your goals. 

We believe that UX Design shouldn’t be just a process that creates a good looking in a UI. UX Design is the key to a successful for a business. 

Think of us as the trusted team that will convert the complex things into an easy to use ones. 

  • Reducing your costs and development times.
  • Targeting your needs.
  • Providing solutions supported by research.
  • Reducing uncertainty and risks of failure.
  • Weekly research, prototype development, and consulting projects.
  • Over 400 different prototypes completed for our clients.
  • Thousands of hours of recorded observation sessions with real-life users.
  • Conducted several diaries studies, interviews, and tests on remote users.
  • Experience with diverse industries, such as automotive, health, cruise lines, hotels, furniture, and more.
  • Our team experience will save you a lot of time … and a lot of money.
  • We are accurate and fast as Flash! 

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