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Dynamic Prototypes

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What is a Dynamic Prototype?

A dynamic prototype is a final product simulation, a demo that allows you to visualize an idea and to interact with its functionality. Our prototypes can have several levels of complexity, from a few interactions to complex mathematical calculations and dynamic content creation.

Prototype Advantages


  • Selling a product without developing it beforehand.
  • Visualizing one or several solutions in a short time.
  • Easily modifiable and testable.
  • Exploring interactions and detecting operational problems, concepts, etc. instead of costly and rushed code adjustments.
  • Timesaving for evaluations, approvals, etc.
  • An almost infallible guide for the final product development.
  • High-fidelity to the final product.


  • Increasing completed orders with less returned products (i.e., raising of sales).
  • Superior users’ understanding of content and products.
  • Fewer support calls.
  • More positive social reviews.
  • Reduce staff training needs.
  • Brand strengthening!


  • A portable USB memory along with the original files of the entire prototype and each of its versions.
  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript formats for the prototypes to be uploaded and reviewed online.
  • One or more URLs containing the same content as the portable USB memory.
  • We keep a backup copy of the prototype in case of later requests at no cost.


LOW Complexity prototype

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Between ($5,000 – $10,000 USD)

Low Complexity Prototypes (LCPs) show a specific flow in an application or website. That is simple processes or paths that do not diverge in other ways. It is completely dynamic, with the interactions created for a flow or path to be tested.

Elements unrelated to the main objective can be displayed but will not have interactions applied to them.

LDPs are useful when the client needs to see how some changes would work in a given path on their product.
LDPs’ realization time is between 2-5 days.

Medium Complexity prototype

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Between ($15,000 – $30,000 USD)

Medium Complexity Prototypes (MDPs) show several flows or paths in an application or website. They are entirely dynamic simulations, full of interactions.

Elements that are not related to the primary goal of the prototype will be present but will not have interactions applied to them. MDPs are recommended for evaluating different paths and elements in a website or application in a short time.

They are also used to test complex element interactions and to make usability tests. Typically, MDPs’ realization time is between 1-2 weeks.

HIGH Complexity prototype

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Between ($50,000 – $100,000 USD)

Complex Dynamic Prototypes (CDPs) contain many screens, pages, interactions, and complex processes needing pre-development visualization.

This prototype has a 95% to 98% similarity with the final product. A CDP is an almost identical simulation of the final product’s interactions and functionalities. No detail is left unchecked. CDPs are ideal for usability testing and as a guide for development teams.

CDPs are ideal for complex and extensive projects. Cost and realization time is determined according to the given design complexity. Usually, they take around 4-12 weeks.

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