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How we add value to your business

A thorough design review is especially useful if you are trying to decide a new strategy for your user experience. Our third-party position allows us to evaluate your products from a new and impartial perspective.

Even if you are not contemplating drastic changes, it is still valuable to periodically commission a UX assessment. Experts ensure that probably essential things may be overlooked when being too involved in the design process.

Our UX team (designers & researchers) analyzes your product’s user interface in search of usability flaws. We evaluate how much your site or application adheres to the best UI practices and fundamental principles to make it increasingly user-friendly.

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What to expect from us?

Our team scrutinizes your product, targeting user interface and user experience quality. Our analysis focuses on usability principles such as consistency, usage standards, error prevention, user freedom, accessibility, and control.

We rank-order findings to help clients and their teams prioritize the most important things to be fixed. These reviews do not usually take much time compared to the traditional usability tests we do, because they do not require extra preparation or planning that involves other people beyond our team and the client. They usually take 1-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the review.


Our reports contain detailed information about findings after the audit, where we include suggestions and possible solutions to improve the user experience and meet the objectives of our client.

These reports may contain 50 to 90 pages, where we include 60 to 120 recommendations organized by level of importance and profit impact to the client. The evaluation is full of annotations, observations, and emphasis on the most challenging aspects.

The delivery of the report can be customized according to your needs. It can be a written document, a slide presentation, a web page, a video, or any other format you may need.


SIngle Platform

From ($28,000 USD).

May vary, depending on the complexity. (mobile applications, websites, points of sale, kiosk, intranets)

Multiple platform

Between ($35,000 – $55,000 USD)

Versions in different sizes or resolutions for Mobile, Tablets & Desktop.

competITORS Review

From ($65,000 USD).

Your product + 3 to 4 competitors.

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