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UX Research

Why UX Research?

Research should always take place in the process of creation, redesign, or improvement of a product. UX research will identify user needs, allowing us to generate better strategies and solutions to improve usability and increase conversion rates.

Also, it can provide valuable information on benchmarking against your competitors. With UX research, we can evaluate the advantages and deficiencies of your product to make it more usable. Accordingly, UX research findings will help generate new ideas for better user experience, which will end higher revenue for you.

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How to know if you need UX research for your project? 

Have you asked yourself any of the following questions?
  • What is wrong with my current site/app?
  • Why are we not generating the number of sales that we expected?
  • Why some of our clients have left with the competition?
  • How could we know what is wrong with our product?
  • Why are we losing money?
  • What do users need that we don’t have?
  • What suggestions would most users have for us?
  • What do the competitors have that we don’t?
  • What do we have that the competitors don’t?
  • What makes my competitors succeed or fail?

Our Research Methods:

  • In-person interviews.
  • Comparative usability evaluation.
  • Ethnographic field studies.
  • Journal / Camera Studies.
  • Focus groups.
  • Desirability Studies.
  • A / B tests.
  • Moderated and un-moderated remote usability studies.
  • Surveys.

What to expect from us

Our team begins the investigation immediately after we are clear about what information we want to obtain and what your objectives are. Then determine the research methods to use according to this information. This information is included in more detail in the proposals presented to the client.


When our investigation process concludes, we deliver to the client a Report containing the entire investigation process with detailed results. This report includes suggestions and recommendations to improve the users’ experience and meet the client’s objectives.

Reports can be 50 to 120 pages long. Findings will thoroughly detailed examples with labels, emphasizing sections where the problems were found. Best practices and recommendations to follow will be included.

Report delivery can be customized according to your preferences. It can be a written document or a presentation with slides, a web page, a video, or other formats that you may prefer.


Usability Testing in person

Between ($15,000 – $35,000 USD)

This method is based on one-on-one sessions between our experts and users. They can be performed in a laboratory or directly in the user’s environment, depending on the project requirements. Those sessions could be recorded, depending on disposition users’ disposition. The tests can take from five days to two weeks (depending on the place, the number of users, the availability, the logistics in general).

Moderate remote usability testing

From ($12,000 USD)

These remote sessions, moderated by our experts, are perfect for recruiting more specialized audiences located in various parts of the country or the world. The advantage of this method is that the sessions with the participants are in their natural environment where they feel most comfortable.
We perform the tests using screen sharing tools or remote viewing. The tests can take from five days to two weeks. Everything is contingent upon the number of users, availability, logistics in general. These tests can also be recorded for later review.

un-Moderate remote usability testing

From ($8,000 USD)

These remote sessions un-moderated by our experts are perfect for quickly recruiting potential users. Thus, this is a less expensive method with many advantages. for example, sessions with the participants are carried out in their natural environment, the tests can be completed in much less time, and a larger sample of users can be covered.

We perform tests using online services that allow this type of research. They are recorded and can be reviewed later. The time range is generally from 5 days to several months; it all depends on the number of criteria, users, types of tests, number of experts performing the tests.

Other Research Methods

From ($5,000 USD)

Prices may vary depending on the project complexity and research objectives. Some methods, such as surveys, are lower-cost and require fewer resources.

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